PAIN CONSULTANTS GROUP is an online discussion group set up by Dr Munglani, who is a Pain Medicine Consultant based in Cambridge. The group now also has sub-groups for those with specialist interests within the general field of pain.This group now has over 500 members and has proved to be very popular and helpful both for clinical and related issues. To apply for membership email:


Pain Consultant Discussion Groups:


Pain Consultant Group

Pain Fellows Group

Medico-Legal Pain Consultant Group

Private Practice Pain Consultants Group


This is website is for pain consultants and those in training. All the groups, resources and meetings you can link to from this site have been established and developed by individual pain consultants in collaboration with their colleagues, to help educate themselves and others and to further the development of the field of pain medicine.


Pain Groups and Pain Drive – a resource for Pain Consultants

The Pain Groups and access to the Pain Drive are by invitation and you can find the person to contact by clicking on those links.


Journal of Observation Pain Medicine and London Pain Forum

The JoOPM Journal is open access and free to read and to submit articles. You can find out how to submit an article by clicking on the link above.  The London Pain Forum organises regular meetings in London and the French Alps with the aim of providing the latest clinical developments and opportunities to network.


Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference and Cambridge Medico-Legal Forum - A resource for doctors and lawyers

Both the Medico-Legal events on the medico-legal page are held in Cambridge and draw a national audience of both barristers and solicitors and consultants from all medical disciplines related to pain.



There is a host of other educational events, conferences and workshops out there with close affiliations to the groups and events mentioned on this page. They include the Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops held bi-annually at the University of Birmingham.





PAIN DRIVE is a live online educational resource set up by Dr Damien Smith, who is a consultant in Pain Medicine based in London. The “drive” can be accessed by over 500 members of the Pain Consultant Group world-wide.  All interesting articles shared by the Pain Consultants Group are added to the drive for members to access. It has over 100 different folders including help setting guidelines, pathways and a variety of different pathologies. The “drive” has a search facility which make it easy to find any files required.

To apply for membership email :


Journal of Observational Pain Medicine


Established by Dr Munglani, who is the Editor-in-Chief, in 2012. This Journal has been created in recognition of the fact that not all information or advances in pain medicine can be presented in a randomised controlled fashion.

The Journal publishes papers on clinical practice, basic science, ethics and medico-legal aspects of pain. Issues around suffering, theological, social, psychiatric, psychological, education and resource limitations in pain medicine will be also be considered. It is intended to be a reflective journal and the manner of review and publication emphasises this. This Journal has been created in recognition of the fact that not all information or advances in pain medicine can be presented in a randomised controlled fashion.

We intend to be a reflective journal and the manner of review and publication will emphasise this.

If you wish to submit a paper to be considered for a future issue please contact the Journal Manager, Kate Dougherty, at




Annual Cambridge Medico-Legal Conference


Dr Munglani established the conference in 2012. He now co-organises it with Barristers Mr Stuart McKechnie and Mr Julian Benson and with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Michael Spencer and Retired Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Peter Baird.



Cambridge Medico-Legal Forum

Founded by solicitors Justina Molloy and Ruth Booy and assisted by Dr Rajesh Munglani, the Forum aims to promote conversation, education and improve understanding of each others’ disciplines and the challenges each faces.  It is a chance for professionals from Cambridge and the surrounding areas to meet, learn, and network socially and professionally. There will be three evening meetings per year with presentations from both of the professions followed by a formal dinner and fine wine.



London Pain Forum


The Forum organises regular meetings on all aspects of pain and attracts pain medicine consultants, psychiatrists and surgeons.


Council Members: Dr Teodor Goroszeniuk (President), Dr Arun Bhaskar, Dr Rajesh Munglani and Dr Andrzej Krol


Invitation only forum


Other events by the same organiser:


- Annual Peripheral Neuromodulation Masterclass, London

- Annual Hands on Cadaver Workshop, London - Pain Intervention, Neuromodulation & Ultrasound

- Annual Hands on Cadaver Workshop, Poland - Pain Intervention, Neuromodulation & Ultrasound


- International Travelling Pain Symposium


- Black Tie Event


See Calendar for full events listing.





Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops

University of Birmingham


Internationally recognised 3-day interventional pain and cadaver workshops cover the current management of pain within a multidisciplinary framework. The curriculum is informed by the most recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions; including those resulting from degenerative or neurological disease.  An international faculty will share their expertise through formal and informal discussions. The aim is to allow delegates to practice on cadavers a variety of pain interventions under the guidance of renowned interventionalists: Please contact Dr Dalvina Hanu- Cernat



Annual Leeds Hands on Cadaver workshop


Welcome to our annual cadaver workshop that has been running for the last 6 years. In response to feedback from previous courses we have now included neuromodulation



JOIN US for the next Abdomino-pelvic Pain Symposium with the team from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London on Saturday, 11 July 2015. The course will include lectures and interactive workshops on key topics in abdominal and pelvic pain management. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to present their own case histories at the meeting.  For any further information, contact

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